The Rise of Tiamat

2016.12.02 - The First Council of Waterdeep

Our heroes have once again been called together. A mysterious letter from Barry and Leosin request their help in Waterdeep. On arrival, they find that the various forces of good have gathered together – the cult is inflicting misery on the enter world and it is time to act boldly.

Though these groups don’t see eye to eye, they do agree on one thing – the adventurers have dealt some major blows to the cult, and can be trusted and looked up to in the fight against the cult. The adventurers have been bestowed with a special writ allowing them access to resources across the factions as they work to stop the cult.

Meanwhile, the cult is working to further its goals. The wyrmspeakers are planning a ritual to summon Tiamat, and their preparations are causing disturbances in the earth itself. The mighty Draakhorn is sounding, calling dragons to its side. Dala Silmerhelve has knowledge about the issue, but is not very forthcoming about her sources when confronted. Our heroes will go in seek of the horn to limit the cult’s ability to recruit chromatic dragons, and perhaps establish a relationship with metallic ones in the process.

The draakhorn reminds Percy of some symbolic carvings in the ruins under Castle Naerytar. It occurs to him that although they slew the black wyrmspeaker, they never found the black mask. Annie and Martinez prepare to return to the Mere to see if they can discover anything.

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